Capital Smart City Islamabad

About CSCI:

Due to the growing population, the need for housing is increasing every day not only in Islamabad but all over the country, therefore; to resolve this issue two well-known real estate agencies (FDH & HRL) of Pakistan have jointly taken an initiative.

They have launched A Real Estate project that satisfyingly meets the demands & expectations of the customers.

This project is also supported to be an Ideal Housing Society as it is near the New Islamabad International Airport.

The project is named as Capital Smart City Islamabad (CSCI).

About The Owners:

Capital Smart City is a project of Future Development Holdings (FDH) and Habib Rafique Private Limited (HRL). The two agencies are among the top real estate developers of Pakistan.

They have successfully proven themselves in many other projects in the world of Real Estate Industry of Pakistan; e.g. Multan and Sahiwal Smart City projects.

CSCI Project Details:

Capital Smart City is a quality housing project. The aim of it is to become Pakistan’s first ever smart city and a model for self-sustainability of development.

A few details of the project are being mentioned beneath:

What is “Smart City”?

Capital Smart City is a housing project that is planned to be an eco-friendly project, this will certainly provide its residents’ outstanding opportunities related to both residency and business.

The project is named as “Smart City” because of its unique and advanced smart technologies of the global world. It promises to provide peace, comfort, protection & a real pleasure by putting the imagination of “Home” in mind.

Approval of NOC:

It has been officially granted a NOC by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). It is completely a legal project beyond all the rumors about it in the market of Real Estate Industry.

Smart City Facilities:

CSCI consists of some areas for the following basic resources of life.

  • Electricity: This Smart city will provide 24 hours excess of electricity where there would be no concept of load shedding.
  • Traffic Control: Traffic would be controlled in an automated smart way.
  • Security: Such CCTVs are going to be introduced here that will detect the people by their facial and objective recognition.
  • Internet: WIFI Hotspots would be freely accessible at the public locations like malls, bus/Metro stations, and the resort and hotels etc.
  • Electric Bike: A smart invention, Electric Bike, is going to introduce here in this
  • Mosques: Jamia-Masjid and sector mosques will be available.
  • Entertainment Spots: There would be Holiday Parks 7 Garden Parks available to seek the entertainment and to enjoy nature.
  • HealthCare City: 24-hour emergency health care centers would be there.
  • Education City: Quality education providing schools, colleges, and universities would be developed to brighten the future of Pakistan.
  • BRT System: Effective Urban mobility & public transport will be available for the residents.
  • Infrastructures: An integrated IT infrastructure will be implemented to record and maintain an online database of activities within the community.
  • Garden Parks
  • Urban Utilities: All the utility services will be there in the shape of Urban Utilities.

A few more residential and commercial facilities are individually mentioned which would be the part of this Smart City.


Hills Vista

Crystal Lake

China Village

Overseas Block


Financial Square

Aviation Village

FDH Buildings

The construction of each section here has been designed in such a smart way that each of them contains its own commercial market, a mosque and a park.


Capital Smart City has an ideal location which is on about 9.5 Km distance from Motorway Toll Plaza and also near to Thalian. It can easily be accessed from Chakri road.

New Islamabad International Airport, coupled with CPEC western route, is going to shape the future of developments in Islamabad. Therefore, the location of Capital Smart City is of vital importance. Once the connectivity issue is resolved, a major shift of population and businesses will be towards this newly developing zone along the motorway. Direct access through Motorway M-2 Interchange will make it much easier for the residents to travel towards Islamabad City or New Islamabad Airport.

Master Plan:

The Master Plan of CSCI is designed by a multi-million dollar company named Surbana Jurong. It is a Singapore based consultancy firm.

This plan possesses various options like residential & commercial plots, farmhouses, luxury villas and much more.

Initial booking for residential plots of 5,7,10 & 12 Marla & 1 & 2 Kanal and for commercial plots of 4,6,8,& 10 Marla and 1 Kanal has already been opened on 3 years installment plan.

Payment Methods:

Capital Smart City offers flexible and affordable payment options. Investors have the opportunity to invest in both residential as well as commercial units.


Plot SizeBookingConfirmation (after 30 days)Installment (12 quarters)Total Cost
5 Marla210,000/-210,000/-140,000/-2,100,000/-
7 Marla274,000/-274,000/-185,000/-2,740,000/-
10 Marla360,000/-360,000/-240,000/-3,600,000/-
12 Marla398,000/-398,000/-270,000/-3,980,000/-
1 Kanal540,000/-540,000/-360,000/-54,00,000/-
2 Kanal10,60,000/-10,60,000/-710,000/-10,600,000/-


Plot SizeBookingConfirmation (after 30 days)Installment (12 quarters)Total Cost
4 Marla760,000/-760,000/-510,000/-7,600,000/-
6 Marla1,140,000/-1,140,000/-760,000/-11,400,000/-
8 Marla1,520,000/-1,520,000/-1,120,000/-15,200,000/-
10 Marla1,900,000/-1,900,000/-1,270,000/-19,000,000/-
1 Kanal3,800,000/-3,800,000/-2,540,000/-38,000,000/-

Current Progress Of The Project:

The total land dedicated for Capital Smart City Islamabad is 55000 Kanal and the development work is already growing rapidly on an area of approximately 25000 Kanal.

There are more than 60 heavy machines which are currently busy in leveling and groundbreaking.

The company will expand development work onto other areas in the future.