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    Provincial Real Estate Industry Analysis 

    Punjab, one of the most densely populated provinces of Pakistan, hosts the upcoming project- Rudn Enclave Housing Society. Punjab is one of the central provinces of Pakistan. It is known for the strategic importance in terms of location. Punjab is home to several big cities, which include Rawalpindi. With time, Rawalpindi has seen a lot of technological advancements. The city has experienced major developments in terms of residential projects.

    Rudn Enclave Housing Society is a mega project of 2020, based in Punjab’s leading city Rawalpindi. This project is being sponsored by RMRSCO (PVT) limited and NesPak (PVT) Limited. The builders and developers have a reputation for completing great architectural projects. This time with Rudn Enclave Housing Society, the aim is to achieve so much more and bring in many facilities to the investors. 

    Real Estate industry Pakistan:

    Over the past few years, the real estate industry has witnessed a rapid boom within Pakistan. People are becoming more aware of the value of investing in property. The real estate industry is a kind of industry that has a lot to offer. With time, the plots’ value and prices increase, which ensures definite profits for the investors? As time progresses, the real estate industry has the potential of becoming the leading industry of Pakistan. People are actively taking an interest in investing in property to gain monetary outcomes.

    There are certain strategic benefits associated with investing in real estate property. As compared to stock markets, real estate provides more splendid and more secure returns in the short and long run. With the great prospectus of this industry, there is an excellent likelihood of increasing the property rates. Once the rates rise, the investors can automatically enjoy profits. 

    Other than this, there is a vast opportunity associated with real estate for established businesses as well. Upgrading their portfolio with real estate investment will always prove to be beneficial. It will give their business an impact of diversification. Diversified products in the portfolio range of a company are still the best idea. Hence, these businesses can enjoy fixed profits from the property investment.

    Rudn Enclave- Prime location for your investment!

    Rudn Enclave Housing Society is located at the main Adyala Road, Rawalpindi. Rawalpindi is one of Punjab’s megacities and is famous for its strategic locations in the town. It is the main reason several other mega housing schemes have also been constructed in the city.

    Main Adyala Road hosts the upcoming mega project and is famous for its prime location. It is the central hub of Rawalpindi. This particular area can be accessed through various other routes quite easily. Rudn Enclave Housing Society is planned to have three entrances so that it is easy and convenient for the residents. 

    Rudn Enclave Housing Society’s geographic importance makes it an increasingly popular project in terms of investment.

    Layout and Total Area:

    Rudn Enclave mega project covers an area of around 3000 Kanals. The vast area of this project attracts a lot of customers and investors. From an investment point of view, it is always a good idea to invest in a plot that has a huge area and brilliant layout. It will further aid in increasing its value over the areas.

    The layout of this potential iconic project of Rawalpindi has been brilliantly planned. Rudn Enclave Housing Society in Rawalpindi will be home to residential plots and commercial ones. The interested investors can consider this fact as well. Various facilities will be provided to the residents within the society only. It will further enhance the value of this particular property. Moreover, the builders and developers also aim at providing recreational activities, such as farmhouses.

    Construction Work:

    The construction on site has been progressing smoothly. 25% of the construction is complete. The rest of the construction is planned to complete at a fast pace too. Bookings for Rudn Enclave Housing Society have been open. Interested investors and residents can book their desired plots in their preferred areas of the society now. There are different executive blocks in the community aimed at separating the commercial area from the residential area.

    Installment and Pricing Plan:

    Since Rudn Enclave Housing Society is an upcoming project, various installment plans have been planned. To provide ease and comfortability for the interested investors, the installments start from as low as 12000 Pkr.

    Moreover, there are various categories of plots. The plots range in size from 5 Marlas to 8 Kanal. Plots of your own choice can be selected. Each plot within Rudn Enclave Housing Society’s vicinity promises to offer great value in return for money. Not only will this but from investors’ point of view, all the factors mentioned above aid in increasing the value of the property over the years.

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