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    A residential town that will follow the shore is called the ARY Laguna DHA City Karachi. ARY Laguna is the first human-made beach and resort in Pakistan. 

    Moreover, it is away from Karachi’s contaminated and polluted natural beaches that have lost their charm and worth. Besides, it is deliberately designed and operated for modern people, developers, and families as a luxury living space. It is a pillar of the overall economic success of Pakistan. However, the city is layered with several layers of urban problems linked to noise, disruption, and scenic misery. ARY Laguna is built to be free from all of those causes of stress, depressing issues, and pollution derailing.

    In today’s fast-moving world, mud, traffic, pressure, and crowds can contribute to considerable stress. That’s why it is essential for anything as premium and as regulated as a human-made beach. Hence, the housing scheme along the coast is going to be an outstanding addition to Karachi’s scenic scenery. As if this is the first initiative of its kind. In the whole world or area, there is nothing like it.

    The CEO and President of the ARY Group

    This private beach is the brainchild of Salman Iqbal, the CEO and President of the ARY Group. And also, Salman Iqbal owns the Karachi Kings, Karachi’s PSL team. It represents creativity and forwards thinking, driving this initiative to become one of Pakistan’s most critical places to live in.

    Relatively fresh is the idea of artificial beaches. Palm Jumeirah in Dubai is one of the most traditional and popular options. It is a focal point of worldwide focus. These ideas are fresh, and they cause a great deal of excitement. For now, though, the management is keeping it under a great deal of suspense.

    In the business world, the ARY group created its identity. About this initiative, we also expect nothing less than premium delivery from them. The beach is supposed to be a sanctuary of leisure and suburban calm. In addition, it is to be equipped with comfort, pure class, and design. At the time, ARY is revealing as little details as possible. Based on international examples and precedents, they are persuaded to offer a top-notch worldwide quality service.

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