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    Capital Smart City Islamabad is undeniably Islamabad’s unique housing project that not only offers the best residential and commercial services but focuses primarily on providing all its inhabitants with a lush, safe, and Eco-friendly climate. It is developed by one of Singapore’s well-known corporations, specializing in the construction of smart city projects worldwide.

    CSCI offers countless everyday amenities to let the residents enjoy a luxury living. These amenities include:

    Secure & Healthy

    Islamabad is Pakistan’s capital city. And it is also the safest city as everyone loves to be secured, so the CSCI has new protection facilities. It involves a specially dedicated security team with all the latest equipment and technologies to ensure people’s safety and security.

    Command and Control Unit for Smart City

    It is a big undertaking, but it also occupies a large area. The developers plan it so that a command-and-control device manages all tasks, applications, and the system. The command unit will respond automatically in case of any crisis, and the residents will live without any problems.

    Institution of Pharmacy and Science

    Smart city education, along with health services, is still a top priority. Full options for education and health exist in a Smart community. As it is essential for people’s welfare and health, emergency care services are also available.

    Hotels of Luxury

    In addition to being clean, stable, and nature-friendly, a smart city is also a luxury housing project. Along with the top 5-star luxury hotels, you can find all the new amenities to get the top hospitality services from all over Islamabad.

    Resort and Capital Parks

    Smart cities are not only focused on industrial and residential areas relative to other housing communities but are equally crucial for theme parks and resorts. It is one of Islamabad’s greenest housing schemes, as 33 percent of the land includes greenery and is focused on parks and resorts. Undoubtedly, it is the reason why opposed to other housing projects in Islamabad. It is an Eco-friendly and safe housing project.

    Eco-Friendly City

    This initiative is innovative because it relies on three key fundamentals that make it smarter to search at a housing project. Next, the emphasis is on the smart economy, which provides work openings where all resources are handled intelligently. These ventures create 90,000 jobs. And it gives a massive difference to the economy and a creative way of managing all the land. Second, it focuses on smart homes, which guarantees safe living using new technologies and technologies. Finally, it reflects on a Smart world that incorporates green theme parks and an Eco-friendly world that demands nature at its finest.

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