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    New Metro City, a BSM Developers initiative is packed with state-of-the-art amenities combined with impeccably designed architecture. The top-notch environment makes for a peaceful life for its people. New Metro City is the latest project in Punjab built-in line with modern international standards. And it is situated on the main GT road between Kharian & Saria Alamgir. This places it on one of the biggest roads in Pakistan, which also links to all the big cities in Punjab.
    Overseas Enclave New Metro City should be designed taking into consideration all the characteristics of smart cities. Core project attractions are:

    • Mega-park Friends
    • Overseas House Party
    • Trafalgar Platz
    • Micro Golf Club
    • The characteristics of a Smart City

    What Makes New Metro City Overseas Outpost A Smart City Initiative?

    It has all the IT facilities.

    Some of the most critical aspects of a smart city are the IT sector. IT stands for Information Technology and the main role of IT is to secure, exchange, store and produce online data. For example, anything from a person’s identification to a text message you’ve just sent to your loved ones. Hence, it demonstrates why IT is one of the most essential features in a smart city.
    The giants of the IT industry do all they can online. This also provides access to different organizations, such as a contact number and multiple profiles that hold customer information through a similar program.


    It provides adequate facilities for health and education.

    A smart project is characterized not only by the services accessible there but also by the citizens who use it. Consequently, because these citizens are the building blocks of its future. The top priority is health and education provided to the people in a community. A population will never thrive as a smart community without adequate medication and health care. However, the key to developing and increasing at an accelerated pace is that without a decent education program open to the residents, no society will develop infrastructure.

    It has a climate that is safe.

    Overseas Enclave New Metro City is a smart community initiative that has all the resources that excellent facilities. The services are often utilized inefficiently and, as a result, the area will ultimately lack all its wealth in advance. And it may not be willing to take advantage of such commodities, such as natural resources such as crude, water, and power. Not renewed. Hence, it is necessary to have a secure environment for a society to ensure that if not complete, each generation can take the partial benefit of the available resources.

    Total Defense.

    Everyone enjoys living in a safe setting, i.e. a location with a low crime rate and a high level of happiness So a smart city should have a concrete security network that helps citizens to live in a city without fear.
    In addition to crime-based violence, a smart society also needs protection in many other areas, such as protecting one ‘s identity, for which the IT department has responsibility. Then security against cybercrime, for which a city would have a cybercrime unit to take care of these happenings.
    In other words, Overseas Enclave New Metro City’s uppermost aim is the wellbeing of the people in every region so they can live a happier life in a smart environment.

    Overseas Area New Payment Program for Metro Cities

    New Metro City has recently unveiled the latest residential plot booking and payment scheme in Overseas Enclave. This sells residential property of the 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, and 14 Marla. This latest booking of plots comes with a flexible payment schedule. You can easily book your plot on a 15 percent down payment, full plot details are given below.

    5 Marla plots at Overseas Enclave
    • Price: 1,995,000/-
    • 295,000/- Down Payment
    • Settlement: 105,000/-
    • 36 Installments for the month: 38,750/-
    • 10 percent at the ballot: 199,500/-
    7 Marla plots at Overseas Enclave
    • Price: 2,575,000/-
    • Down Settlement: 395,000/-
    • Settlement: 115,000/-
    • 36 Installments by month: 50,200/-
    • 10 percent at the ballot: 275,500/-
    10 Marla plots at Overseas Enclave
    • Price: 3,450,000/-
    • Down Settlement: 495,000/-
    • Settlement: 130,000/-
    • 36 Installments for the month: 68,850/-
    • 10 percent at the ballot: 345,000/-
    14 Marla plots at Overseas Enclave
    • Price: 4,650,000/-
    • Down Settlement: 595,000/-
    • Settlement: 145,000/-
    • 36 Monthly accommodations: 95,700/-
    • 10 percent at the ballot: 465,000/-

    Critical to consider:

    The above-mentioned price includes charges relating to growth.
    Processing & Type Charge PKR 5,000 for (5 & 7 Marla Plots).
    Processing & Type Fee for PKR 8.000 (10 & 14 Marla Plots).
    10 % Discount on Lump-sum payment & 5% Discount on payment above 50 percent.
    10% Additional charge on Selected Plots (Corner, Facing Park & Main Boulevard).

    The plan is beautifully built according to the high building quality requirements. With all the necessities of life including the main boulevard, a mosque, school, park, bar, movie theater, hospital, shopping area, and boundary wall, 150 ft. long. New Metro City also represents an enticing investment for both customers and developers.
    Residential plots along with the relatively new plot rates are an enticing investment in this new booking kit.
    THELANDASSOCIATES is BSM Developers’ approved dealer in New Metro City. Call us today to get a detailed summary of the payment plan and updates on rates.

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