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Effect of corona virus (covid-19) on Real Estate sector of Pakistan

corona virus
corona virus

Corona virus is currently the biggest concern of all the economies of the world. It is creating chaos among the economic circles of the globe. All economic experts are of the view that this is going to leave negative effects on the economies of the countries even when they are able to get out of this pandemic.

How Pakistan real estate sector is going to be effected by this pandemic?

As this pandemic is not leaving any country go unharmed of its effects Pakistan is in great danger of being effected by it. Currently Pakistan is not among the countries that are highly effected by this virus but with the passage of time it has started effecting Pakistan’s economy. Real estate sector is going to get effected badly if flow of income remained stagnant for longer period of time.

Which real estate projects will be effected most by this pandemic?

Obviously this pandemic is going to effect the real estate sector as a whole but small projects are expected to be the major affectees of this virus as they don’t have such a strong backbone to hold for longer period of time as compared to projects run by strong brands because they have strong backup for their projects and even if such situation prevails for longer period of time they will be able to absorb the effect more effectively.

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