Bahria Town Rawalpindi


Rawalpindi is the fourth largest city in Pakistan

The best way to see Rawalpindi is by wandering through its bazaars. The reason Rawalpindi is well known for its traditional bazaars is the trade route from the upper north of the Asian continent that still passes through the main city; the Grand Trunk Road (G.T Road). The G.T Road is known as The Mall Road as it passes through the cantonment area. It was on this route that the traders carried their goods and stopped over at Rawalpindi to trade and then move on to the lower southern area of the sub-continent. The two main bazaar areas resulting out of this trade activity are the Raja Bazaar in the old city and the Saddar Bazaar, which developed as the cantonment bazaar between the old city and the Mall. The Mall was and is still is the area of major cantonment concentration.

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