Bahria golf city karachi

Bahria Golf City Karachi

Bahria Golf City Karachi Residential Community for golf lovers which become the  symbol of a elite-class lifestyle has no another comparable community in Pakistan , Bahria Golf city Karachi is composed of 36 holes PBahria golf city:
About the Project:
Bahria golf city is located in Karachi, it is the very first 27 hole PGA standard golf course and 9 hole short course. Bahria town group has introduced this world class golf community for golf lovers and it will become the symbol of world class lifestyle in Pakistan. Bahria town golf city is inspired by emirates hills Dubai.

In Bahria golf city Karachi, there are 500, 1000 and 2000 square yards residential plots and luxury homes. Bahria golf city is 12km away from the main gate of Bahria town Karachi which is located on Karachi Hyderabad motorway. Bahria town Karachi brings you a great city with healthy environment, it allow the people to live under secure and beautiful conditions. You are presented with a town having international modern lifestyle for its residents and providing true value for money. The security parameters are very high t Bahria golf city, you may not find the best of the securities on other cities likewise golf city of Bahria Karachi. The boundaries of whole town will be monitored through satellites for the purpose of security. The infrastructure of the project is designed by keeping in view all the accessibilities of telephone, mosques and pharmacies along with unique community health facilities nearest of your house.

Bahria golf city have planned to build high standard high schools and colleges by keeping in view the need of quality education and to create valuable members into the community. Commercial areas are also being developed for the benefits of consumers in the town, community centers are also building to enhance the commercialism in the town and to better lives of the residents here. The Golf city has provided the residents with 24/7 security, picturesque walkways and access to golf club.

For the business community and investors Bahria golf city could have been a great opportunity. All international brands are also available under one roof by the courtesy of Bahria golf city. Bahria golf city Karachi is the first ever night lit golfing facility which is inspired by emirates hills Dubai. It has become a beautiful combination of housing complexes built beautifully around the golf course. Besides golf course, the development work on housing is also at pace. The houses and plots at the city are presenting mesmerizing views of the golf course which exceeds the value and beauty of the houses. It is fully flood lit golf course of the country with 36 PGA standard holes, also taking golf to the next level in Pakistan. It will be an experience for the residents of Bahria golf city to watch the game from their homes. One foot is at their home and the other at lush green fields of golf course. The golf course at Bahria golf city also features holes for training and for children as well.

Bahria golf city karachi
Bahria golf city karachi

Bahria town is currently the largest private real estate project which is Bahria town Karachi, many families are enjoying their luxurious lifestyle under the signature of Bahria town.GA Standard Golf course out of which almost 17 holes are completed and has very beautiful location in Bahria town Karachi

Following sizes resedential plots are available in Bahria Golf City Karachi
  • 500 sq yards
  • 1000 sq yards
  • 2000 sq yards