Forget DHA City Karachi Invest in Bahria Town Karachi

Forget DHA City Karachi Invest in Bahria Town Karachi

Why we Recommend  Bahria Town Karachi ?

In this blog we are comparing DHA city Karachi and Bahria Town Karachi depending on some facts. Bahria Town Karachi is Pakistan largest gated community with all living Facilities and Services. As 70 % development is completed and most of the area will be given possession soon and more than 1000 families are living there.

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Security Setup of Bahria Town Karachi:

Bahria Town has installed comprehensive security systems throughout the project to ensure secure living standards for the residents. Bahria town security department is equipped with highly trained and resourceful security personnel who are consistently patrolling the vicinity.

As per blog that “DHA has full proof security”  but  If we see Defence Karachi called DHA Karachi we observe that there are no proper security setups and if we compare it with Bahria Town Karachi there is proper Security setup in Bahria town Karachi.

According to United States Department of state bureau of  diplomatic security  “The areas in Karachi least prone to crime include the neighborhoods of Clifton, D.H.A., and PECHS, but even these areas experience serious crimes and thefts”Source:

Distance of Bahria Town Karachi from Jinnah Airport :

Bahria Town Karachi is 27 Km on distance from Jinnah International Airport Karachi and DHA city Karachi is 50 km away from Jinnah International Airport so the location of DHA City Karachi is very far from Karachi city.

Development Status  of Bahria Town Karachi:

Bahria Town Karachi is Fully developed and People are living there but DHA city Karachi is not yet developed and its full development will take minimum 3 years.


Insufficient Land of DHA city Karachi:

Bahria Town Karachi is located on 44000 acre Land which meets their requirements and this land is sufficient for Bahria Town Karachi Projects Requirement

DHA City Karachi is located on 11,640 Acre but their demand originally meet 19,640-acre land


Bahria Town Karachi M-9 Interchange :

Bahria Town Karachi is constructing its own dedicated interchange which will make it well connected will Karachi and other areas.

Read More about M-9 Interchange.

Transport system of Bahria town Karachi :

Bahria Town is launching the first Bus rapid Mass transit system in Karachi (BRT), similar to the Lahore & Rawalpindi Metro Bus service developed by the government. Rs 25 billion will be spent by Bahria Town for this project which will be funded completely by Bahria Town without any government funding and This BRT will provide the much-desired relief to the residents of Karachi as it is a safe, comfortable and extremely affordable way to travel to Karachi on daily basis from Bahria Town.

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