Its time to invest in Bahria Paradise Karachi.

Bahria paradise Karachi is unique project of bahria town Karachi in which Central park newyork and Taj Mahal Replica is located which make it different  from all other projects.

Bahria Paradise Site location in Bahria Town is very attractable because it is not much far away from Bahria Main entrance and located near Grand Jamia Masjid and Bahria Paradise is inspired by central park so it is predicted that paradise will be very green as compare to other projects.

In future Bahria Paradise will be a good area for recreational purpose because Central Park has Harlem  Meer Water,Flower Garden, Untermyer fountain, Pools, The Great Hill,Tennis centre,Open air theater, Skating Track,Turtle Pound,Zoo,Conservatory Park,Lakes and ponds and covered 64 Acre wide area.

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Development on bahria paradise has been started and as time is passing Development is near completion stage and prices will go up. Its better time to invest because only 2 installment are gone and the Own (Profit) on plots in bahria paradise is low as compare to past.

If we compare paradise project own you will observe that in precinct 15&16 which are near by paradise has very high own , So we expect that paradise Own will go up from these precinct more because it is unique from other projects.

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Bahria Paradise Karachi is providing residential plots of 1000sq yards, 500sq yards, and 250sq yards and 500 sq Yards luxury villas on 4 year simple installment plan.

Bahria Paradise Karachi is not another Bahria Town. The initial idea behind Bahria Paradise is to experiment with great facilitation. The idea is to have an even more best little Bahria Town within the already existing Bahria Town.
Bahria Paradise Karachi is placed Near Precinct-16, Bahria Town Karachi. Its distance from Super Hyderabad-Karachi highway is four kilometer. The place of Bahria Paradise makes is again an outcome of the exclusive planning for this fresh venture.

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