Why Invest in Bahria Sports City Karachi

Why to Invest in Bahria Sports City Karachi has some  Reasons & Facts

Bahria Sports City Karachi has Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium inspired by Dubai International Cricket Stadium.  Another initiative by Bahria Town for the lovers of sports in Pakistan, the football ground in Bahria Sports City will be addition to sports city uniqueness.

To answer why i invest we will say that in Bahria Sports City Karachi city the development is very fast going on and all the major roads and entities are in completion stage. The majority of the investors which are advised by us that Bahria Town Karachi is a very safe investment still inquires that where should we invest in Bahria Town Karachi as there are more than 45 precincts and which precincts is better for investment purpose. The prices in the initial precincts have been increased and it is more appropriate to invest in those precincts where the own on the plots is relatively less. The most important area in Bahria Town Karachi where the investment will generate better returns in the near future is Bahria Sports City Karachi. 10 marla plot in Bahria Sports City Karachi was launched for 36.5 lacs and a good location plot still can be bought for 3-7 lacs own in Precincts 41-44 means by paying around 40 lacs in installments a good location 10 marla (250 square yards) plot can be bought although 7 installment are paid by 15 Dec 2017.

It is recommended to buy the good location plots in all precincts, however, the Bahria Sports City Karachi is highly recommended especially 1000 square yards (2 Kanal). The main reason behind this is 1000 square yard plots are not in very high quantity in Bahria Town Karachi and its demand is still there However, there is potential that the sports city 40 to 44 precincts will rise in future any good location plot can be Bahria Town Karachi and after one year it will give you 35-45% return on the investment and the sports city villas has very good future because of its prime location around Stadium it will give a good amount of rent and profit in future.

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